GNOME Project Mallard Online – Weekly report #01

This is my weekly report #01:

What I have done last week

  • Planning the simple and useful interfaces.
  • Planning the data flow of the web application.
  • Mockups about main interface (basic interfaces of simple user, maintainer and admin)

All mockups are here (PDF)

What I will do this week

  • Build real interfaces based on the mockups


  • I’m late on my weekly report sorry for that


  • I Spend a lot of time, figuring and making out the data flow and the simple and useful interfaces

Cool Things

Kind regards 🙂


My Summer of code project Portfolio

During the course of my Summer of Code project, I’ll not only have to write code, I’ll also have to spend some time on reporting the progress of my project. This consists of the following:

  • Send to gnome-soc-list a weekly report
  • Keep my  portfolio page up-to-date
  • Promote my work on my blog

So, I have to maintain a wiki page with all the information about my project. This page should have all the necessary information about my project, for those people that want to know more about it.

The goal of this page is to inform people about my project (the link you give them if they want to know more) and to make sure that all the information about it will still be available after the summer.

A placeholder for each project at GNOME has been made here: Student Projects

My portfolio is here: GNOME Project Mallard online (Sergio Infante Montero)

Details of my GSoC Project – GNOME Project Mallard online


Title: GNOME Project Mallard online
Student: Sergio Infante Montero
System online to create, edit, review Mallard Syntax document for GNOME Documentation Project

  • What is the ultimate goal of your proposal? : System online to write,edit and review documentation for GNOME Project
  • What components/modules will it touch/change or create? ProjectMallard, Yelp, GIT
  • What benefits does it have for GNOME and its community? : More people involved on generate of Documentation using Mallard
  • Why you’d like to complete this particular project? I want to contribute with GNOME, especially on Documentation Project and be part of GNOME Foundation
  • How do you plan to achieve completion of your project?
    • Use an agile development software methodology
    • Generate all basic Web Interface with HTML, CSS and Python. Hosting project on gitorious – May 31 Deadline
    • Make a JavaScript module to give an usable web interface to write documentation according to Mallard, this module will generate XML – Jun 14 Deadline
    • Generation of Mallard Syntax document with Python- Jun 28 Deadline
    • Editing Mallard documents with web interface- Jul 12 Deadline
    • Integration with GIT using Python- Ago 9 Deadline
    • System complete and debugged – Ago 16 Deadline
  • What will be showable at mid-term [1]? : Generation of Mallard files, edit, review, and creation online.
  • Why do you think you are be the best person to work on this project?: I was working with Mallard on last months, understand it, write some documentation for postr (app for flickr on GNOME), giving speechs of Mallard, and developing a web application to generate .page files
  • What are your past experiences (if any) with the open source world?: I’m a member of Project, as a translator, documentator and managing the Spanish web site of, patchs and bug triagging too. With GNOME, I participated on Bug Team Squad, on bug triagging, and adding some code on Postr application, and now with ProjectMallard.
  • Why are you interested in improving GNOME? I really like the project, GNOME 3 will be awesome and I want to contribute with the future, i like the people around it, the friendship, the way how it develop software, and I have good friends that they are part of GNOME Foundation and I want to colaborate with them.
  • Please attach a link to a bug ( or other Free Software tracker) containing a patch you’ve written:

[1] All students are invited to attend GUADEC and present theirproject there, which is right after the midterm evaluation deadline.