GNOME Project Mallard Online – Weekly report #04

This is my weekly report # 04:

What I have done last week

  • Still improving my skills on Django
  • I was reading a lot of books about Django Projects, I found some interesting books:
    • Django 1.2 E-commerceDjango 1.1 Testing and DebuggingPro DjangoThe Definitive Guide to Django: Web Development Done Right, Second Edition

What I will do this week

  • Finish the web interface according the schedule.
  • Start to create the Javascript functions to translate content to Mallard Syntax


  • I’m just on time according to my schedule


  • Little problems with Django, but nothing serious.

Cool Things

  • I met cool people at IRC, great developers and friends at

Regards 🙂

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2 comentarios sobre “GNOME Project Mallard Online – Weekly report #04

  1. I’ve been indexing conference video from PyCon and DjangoCon, both of which have a lot of introductory and advanced materials for Django and various Django libraries.

    The books are great, but the conference videos often have material that’s newer than the books and/or covers issues you might encounter that are specific to certain problem domains. Definitely worth going to the site and doing a search on «django».

    As a side note, I curate the GNOME Miro Community as well. If you bump into any screencasts, tutorials or other video materials covering Mallard, let me know.

    Hope it helps!

    Me gusta

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