Details of my GSoC Project – GNOME Project Mallard online


Title: GNOME Project Mallard online
Student: Sergio Infante Montero
System online to create, edit, review Mallard Syntax document for GNOME Documentation Project

  • What is the ultimate goal of your proposal? : System online to write,edit and review documentation for GNOME Project
  • What components/modules will it touch/change or create? ProjectMallard, Yelp, GIT
  • What benefits does it have for GNOME and its community? : More people involved on generate of Documentation using Mallard
  • Why you’d like to complete this particular project? I want to contribute with GNOME, especially on Documentation Project and be part of GNOME Foundation
  • How do you plan to achieve completion of your project?
    • Use an agile development software methodology
    • Generate all basic Web Interface with HTML, CSS and Python. Hosting project on gitorious – May 31 Deadline
    • Make a JavaScript module to give an usable web interface to write documentation according to Mallard, this module will generate XML – Jun 14 Deadline
    • Generation of Mallard Syntax document with Python- Jun 28 Deadline
    • Editing Mallard documents with web interface- Jul 12 Deadline
    • Integration with GIT using Python- Ago 9 Deadline
    • System complete and debugged – Ago 16 Deadline
  • What will be showable at mid-term [1]? : Generation of Mallard files, edit, review, and creation online.
  • Why do you think you are be the best person to work on this project?: I was working with Mallard on last months, understand it, write some documentation for postr (app for flickr on GNOME), giving speechs of Mallard, and developing a web application to generate .page files
  • What are your past experiences (if any) with the open source world?: I’m a member of Project, as a translator, documentator and managing the Spanish web site of, patchs and bug triagging too. With GNOME, I participated on Bug Team Squad, on bug triagging, and adding some code on Postr application, and now with ProjectMallard.
  • Why are you interested in improving GNOME? I really like the project, GNOME 3 will be awesome and I want to contribute with the future, i like the people around it, the friendship, the way how it develop software, and I have good friends that they are part of GNOME Foundation and I want to colaborate with them.
  • Please attach a link to a bug ( or other Free Software tracker) containing a patch you’ve written:

[1] All students are invited to attend GUADEC and present theirproject there, which is right after the midterm evaluation deadline.

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